• Our guiding principles (Core values)

    We should make sure that the leaders have the courage to pursue operating performance.
    We should treat winning customer loyalty sense as the main driving force of career development.
    We should make sure that the employees are on-site for customer service
    We should make a resolute decision.
    We should ensure that each branch and the whole company will obtain the best operating performance.
    We should strive to create an environment contributing to the development our employees’ career,
    and helping realizing the target value for the customers.
    We should demonstrate sincere, caring and upright quality when we get along with people.
    We should ensure that the policies and procedures are concise and easy to facilitate the customers and the employees.
    We should strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, protect the safety of the customers and the employees.

  • Our business philosophy

    we will always being making efforts constantly and pursuing excellence for the satisfaction and recognition of every customer!

  • Our future prospects

    To become the first choice for business partner of the customers, employees and shareholders

  • Our mission statement

    All the time we can make customers overjoyed
    Every minute we’re making tireless efforts to create a more clean living and production environment for human beings!

    Jiangsu Xingda Purification P. R. China

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