The Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Management
  • The raw material purchase

    >The raw material global purchase
    >Before the purbhase, examine and approve the supplier and the raw material
    >The materials arrive, test their quality
  • The strength of research and development

    >Highly skilled research and development team
    >The high performance products
    >Customize the filtering scheme
  • Manufacturing level

    >The Indoor air filtration products
    >The lean production
    >Highly skilled operator
  • The quality control

    >Before put into the market, the filters have passed a strict quality control
    >The test of the products follows the international standard of EN779, EN1822, ARAMCO or ASHRAE 52.2, etc
  • Delivery just-in-time

    >The prompt delivery rate is 95%
    >We are determined to reach 100%
  • The customer satisfaction

    We are ISO9001 certified. We have passed the ISO9001 certification.
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