Discover The Difference Between Performance And Value
Discover The Difference Between Performance And Value

XINGDA filter cartridge - your best choice

  • We have abundant experience in filter cartridge production, and can guarantee the high quality of each filter cartridge. Our advanced R&D, design and test equipment keep our filter cartridge technology ahead all alone.

  • We ensure that each filter cartridge is produced using advanced production processes.All of our products can meet Customer’s specific application by advanced technology. Whether you are replacing the filter cartridge of XINGDA dusting equipment or other brands, our XINGDA team of senior application engineers, experienced on-site sales representatives and service personnel will help you solve all problem and select the appropriate filter cartridge.

  • XINGDA filter cartridge can ensure the efficient operation of the dust collector, significantly reducing energy consumption. XINGDA filter cartridges are available in a wide variety of media, including XINGDA's patented BLUEAIR high-end nanofiber media. This ensures that XINGDA filter cartridges are in the leading position in terms of performance, efficiency and value.

  • It is important to note that not all filter cartridges are so cost-effective. The filter cartridge at low cost is usually with shorter service life and low filtration efficiency, on the contrary, increases the energy consumption of dust removal system. Therefore, from a long-term point of view, low-performance filter cartridge needs more frequent replacement, more compressed air consumption, and more maintenance and management work, thus greatly increasing the operating cost of dust removal system.

  • Capturing sub-micron dust particles and reducing the emissions of dust collector, thereby creating a cleaner working environment.
    Superior surface filtration technology improves dust cake stripping ability, so as to ensure a longer filter cartridge life.
    Higher filtration efficiency reduces the frequency of impulse dust-cleaning, resulting in lower compressed air consumption.
    Lower pressure difference extends the service life of the filter cartridge, achieving the low energy consumption of dust removal system.

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